How it Works

Features of The Rainbow Vacuum


  1. The Rainbow Vacuum  utilizes water to capture odors and dirt. By doing this, it insures that the vacuum only returns clean air that is washed back into your home instead of all of the bad dust and particles.
  2. The hurricane motor that the rainbow has installed is so powerful that it has
    the capabilities of handling your most difficult cleaning tasks and gives you
    an indeterminate motor life.rainbow about
  3. The quick connection that the vacuum has makes it easy for you to change its wands and tools for any particular task.
  4. Controls have been strategically placed in user-friendly handle grip, allowing for accurate control over powered accessories.
  5. LED lights give you a clear view of what exactly you are vacuuming and guarantees that you do not leave a certain unclean area untouched.
  6. With a distinctive water filtration system that catches all dust, microscopic particles that remain are captured by the HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System. This integration of filtration systems yields great positive results. Completely cleaning one hundred percent of dirt and dust from your environment.
  7. Another great benefit that the Rainbow vacuum gives, is the ability to take it anywhere with you while you vacuum away. The bumper of the Rainbow helps protect your walls and furniture from becoming demolished since it is rubberized all the way around.
  8. Everything that you vacuum will be picked up with the power of the nozzle’s rotating brush. These revolving brushes clean the toughest of places to reach.