Rainbow Vacuum Amazon

29 Jan

Many have been requesting that we cover the topic of Rainbow Vacuum products on Amazon and do we recommend buying from Amazon.

The short answer is YES, of course we recommend buying Rainbow Vacuums and Rainbow Vacuum accessories from Amazon. As we all know, amazon is a very successful online e-commerce company and you always benefit from reading about other people’s experience with whatever specific product you are looking to buy yourself.

Especially when it comes to investing into costly home products such as a Rainbow vacuum cleaner.

The only downside to buying from Amazon is that sometimes you may have no clue who the seller is, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find out on your own.

Simply by looking at the small text below the “details” area you’ll be able to determine who the product is “sold by”.

rainbow vacuum amazon

Now for some of you this may be nothing new but I know a lot of people that have been unintentionally conned by buying an expensive product by sellers that are not reputable.

Anyone can sell something via the internet. So it is always vital that you do your proper research ahead of time to avoid the headache of having to deal with returns and all of that good stuff.

Visit the Amazon Seller Profile

It’s always good to have a look at the seller profile prior to buying from them. To do this simply click on the seller’s name in blue text.

Look for what they have available for sale at their store. If they have many products up for sale that is a huge plus since it shows that the seller is obviously taking their business seriously.

amazon seller profile

We can see that when visiting the seller profile in this case, the seller is an actual reputable company with over a decade in business.

Amazon Seller Feedback

There is a few other things that you can look at here on their profile that will also be of huge benefit for you.

amazon seller feedback

You can view not only their feedback from customers but also their returns and refunds policy, shipping, products etc.

Having access to all of this information is really what sets Amazon apart from other companies because you know who you are doing business with right from the beginning. And you can make an educated decision on whether or not a certain seller is worthy of your business to begin with.

By viewing their percentages of positive and negative feedback you have a better understanding on how a person or company conducts their business.

Top Rainbow Vacuum Amazon Seller

When you visit amazon and search for the Rainbow Vacuum, you’ll find that there are not many sellers to choose from when it comes to buying a brand new Rainbow System.

The biggest distributor at the moment of this post being written is currently GoVacuum.

govacuum amazon seller

They currently only have 12 reviews on their product listing but most of their reviews are actually positive ones.

67% of their reviews are 5 stars while only 17% are 1 star reviews.

The only two reviews that rated the product listing 1 star are very short and do not go into much detail on why they gave a negative review or why they do not recommend the product itself in the first place.

But, one of those 1 star reviews do mention something that one should take note of. They mention that only an authorized seller of Rainbow Vacuums can sell and support an authentic Rainbow system.

Another amazon customer replied to the customer that left that review stating that they contacted the seller directly to ask if they are an authorized retailer of the Rainbow. They replied to him saying that they are in fact authorized.

Whether we know for sure that what that person wrote is true is another story. But it is actually true that only Authorized distributors and retailers can sell the Rainbow cleaning system.

So for the reviewer to make such a statement while rating the product 1 star is completely unrelated to the product itself.

We can see from the reviews left from other customers that they are more than happy with their purchase of their vacuum and recommend the vacuum as well to others on the fence about purchasing it.