Rainbow Vacuum Attachments

3 Apr

If you’re looking for the smoothest and cleanest but also the toughest on hard to reach spots, the occasional special grime, and sticky – no pun intended – situation.

For all the kinds of cleaning situations and the like when it comes to our floor surfaces, whether carpet, tile, hardwood or other, we’re faced with the decision of what brand of vacuum cleaner do we purchase to handle our full needs?

If you’re someone who has hard to reach around furniture, as well as children, that combination alone can be enough for you to change your priority in cleaning system shopping to a flooring vacuum that meets your needs best.

Want a brand name you can trust to carry all of the working attachment and specialties that you want and need? Rainbow vacuum attachments are the best for completely keeping up with all of your messes, spills, and weekly grime and dirt build up.

Having a family or a full house can play a huge role in what type of vacuum cleaning system you should buy or what you should choose and prioritize with your shopping.

Rainbow vacuum attachments come with many different options and styles across the types of models, so if you take a look at the types of Rainbow vacuum attachments there are existing, you’ll have a better idea of what it is exactly that you need as a residential consumer and cleaner, and what attachments will serve you best.

You’ll be one step closer to choosing the right Rainbow vacuum cleaner model will get the job done best in the long term and short term – it all depends on your needs!

Rainbow Vacuum Attachments & What To Look For

Rainbow vacuum cleaning systems come with a variety of handy and convenience-boosting attachments that boost efficiency and help you to overcome the dirty, grime and in between that is indeed falling in between the cracks and crevices. Rainbow brand vacuums are great because they get it – there’s not just your average once-over, weekly carpet roll over to perform out of the life span of your vacuum cleaner, but much more, like the following Rainbow vacuum attachments and accessories.

Power Nozzlepower nozzle

Tough to reach spots but need some tough suction at the same time? For the best job on any type of flooring and surface, get our pet hair, crumbs, and all kinds of dirt with no fuss with the revolving brush of the Power Nozzle.


One of the best Rainbow vacuum attachments available and what creates the powerful system for water trapping, is the AquaMate and cleaning solution. This helps brushroll massage deep into your carpets and stains.


As the name suggest, the RainJet also puts to use the awesome use of water in the Rainbow vacuum systems. Cleaning with a self-contained tank, you can take on large rooms and squeegee away quickly with the same attachment.


mini jetDid you know you can shampoo with the Rainbow vacuum? With this Rainbow vacuum attachment, you can use the power of water to shampoo, scrub with ease, and power wash stains from say upholstery and small carpeted areas like rugs and mats, all with an easy to use 10-foot hose.


An amazing attachment for car interiors, you can do so much with this Rainbow vacuum attachment, which has the main and key feature of being able to extend the length and reach of your Rainbow vacuum overall. So this is pretty great for using in your car interiors or on stairways.