Rainbow Vacuum vs Dyson: Ingenuity Over Classics

2 Mar

dyson vs rainbow vacuumThe quality of your vacuum is something that is very important as a proprietary way of maintaining a clean home, whether you are a house mother or father or a bachelor or involved in any other type of living situation, you certainly find the need to vacuum your carpet every once in a while. Ideal your carpet is to be vacuumed every day but that’s not how everyone does it, but that’s OK as long as when we do vacuum we get the things that need to be vacuumed as well.

Well what do you mean? When it comes to vacuums there are two specific styles of thought. Vacuum cleaners were marketed very heavily when corporations started in the US, in the late 60s and 70s, hence why being a “vacuum cleaner sales man” is looked upon as such a normal or cliche thing.

This is because cleaning companies and electronic or appliance companies had hired the best sales people in the world to go convince everyone in America that in order to keep their house clean and free of rodents, disease and really any other thing that could be a contagion, they offered a vacuum cleaner as a cover all solution.

This is of course a very disingenuous business practice, but it still goes on today.

Marketing is very attractive to people and they learn from what other parents taught them and many older people are the sons or daughters of people who grew up at the beginning of commercialism, where everything that was a product was thought to be a solution no matter what, because a product is always better than just a normal thing

Rainbow vacuum versus Dyson, why is it an interesting social shift you should take advantage of for your pocket and home?

To put it simply why is Rainbow vacuum such a vastly superior choice? Is it the lower price tag? Is it the honesty and advertising? Is it the superior engineering and customer service that a huge company cannot offer?

Most big vacuum companies still use the selling point of huge suction, or a huge power but that’s not always the solution that we need and can sometimes make things worse so when we buy into these products that are blindly powerful and don’t keep up with engineering like with the Rainbow vacuums where technology, there becomes a lag in technology.

Dyson vacuums are old and antiquated and Rainbow vacuums are the future, they have every feature you can won in the year 2017 and don’t rely on gimmicks like many brands do.

This is not to say that Dyson does not make good products in terms of quality and material, but their engineering is stuck in the past, where as they are known for being the innovators in the world of vacuuming.

The future of all technology and of course vacuums is not shiny marketing but efficient systems that take into account all problems and create a viable, superior affordable solution, such as Rainbow vacuums.