Rainbow Vacuum System

rainbow vacuumAnybody who’s ever considered buying a vacuum cleaner for their home in the last 50 years or so, has probably heard of the Rainbow Vacuum. Many of them, may already own one of these resourceful little machines. And as one of the old commercials for the brand goes, have their houses ‘As clean as a rainbow’.

But, if you are one of those picky ones who never came around to buying a Rainbow (as it is fondly called by its users), then here’s an insight into what you missed out on. And for people who are on the fence about buying a new vac for their home, here’s an introduction into one of the most popular home vacuum cleaner brands ever.

Behind the Rainbow

Few people know that the Rainbow Vacuum is manufactured by a company named Rexair that has been in business since 1929. With a history that spans almost a century, the Rainbow has undergone numerous iterations over the years to reach its current form.

Technological advancements clubbed with innovation have transformed a simple idea, into a very efficient household product, that’s miles ahead of its competitors.

The bedrock of this journey has been their undying commitment towards excellence and customer service. Oh yes, there are rainbows that are as old as 40 years and still function flawlessly.

The Technology

Most home vacuum cleaners are either bagged (bag) or bag less (dust cup). The rainbow, however, is surprisingly old school and uses water filtration to trap dirt, dust, bugs, hair and other allergens that have an uncanny knack to stay concealed, under the teeniest of crevices.rainbow

It features a two-stage filtration system that includes the water filter for typical household dust and the HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System for microscopic debris. The combination is incredibly efficient and can easily remove up to 100% of contaminants from your home.

Moreover, a recent study reveals that vacuum cleaner dust that accumulates in a bag, may contain more than one bargained for. Antibiotic resistant bacteria anyone?

Water filtration is far more efficient and safe.

Using The Rainbow Vacuum at Home

Out of the box, the E4 Black Edition Rainbow Vacuum may seem a tad heavy, especially if you are used to the compact carry-in-hand vacuum cleaners of recent times. But it comes with a dolly that has caster wheels, allowing you to move it around the house with ease.

Also included in the pack are a bundle of accessories and attachments that allow you to extend the functionality of the vacuum beyond the norm. You have the Floor & Wall Brush, a Dusting Brush, an Upholstery Tool, a crevice tool, a Confined Space Cleaner & Inflator Tool, a Refrigerator a Coil Cleaner, an attachment Caddy and an aerofresh bag.

It can also be used as an air purifier as it has a powerful Hurricane® motor that can easily absorb the air in a small room, in merely 10 minutes and water-wash it to remove floating dirt and debris.

Here’s how the Rainbow Vacuum fares when tested at various places inside the house.

The Mattress: Contrary to popular notion, your mattress can be a magnet for dust, mites and dead skin. The Rainbow Mattress removes a surprisingly large amount of gunk from the matress within minutes. If you or someone in the family suffers from skin problems or allergies, then the rainbow can be an unexpected remedy for it. Thanks to the HEPA filtration system, nothing escapes it. Not even the sneakiest bed bug.

The Bare Floor: The floor and wall brush and the crevice tool, when used together, do a thorough job of removing dust from bare floors. You can see the water in the canister turn muddy and slimy almost instantly.

Carpet: Undoubtedly, one of the USPs of the Rainbow Vacuum is its ability to intricately clean any plush carpeted surface. Thanks to the strong suction (80 cubic feet per minute) and the water filtration, which prevents it from losing suction even after cleaning, your carpet will sparkle in no time at all.


rainbow vacuum cleanerUnlike typical vacuum cleaners with a standard cloth or paper filter, the Rainbow is surprisingly low on maintenance and with regular care, you can easily expect 30-40 years of trouble free performance.

There are dedicated video guides from Rainbow on how to throw away the water in the machine and clean the brush roll.

What Customers Say

The Rainbow Vacuum has a long and proven track record with a largely satisfied customer base. In recent times, there have been a few people though, who find the machine too expensive or too bulky. And it seems to have received some bad rap on consumer reports.

Here are some of the real customer review excerpts that we have sourced from vacuum cleaner forums, online retailers and consumer forums.

  • It’s a perfect solution for small and wet patches
  • Takes more dust out of a room than any vacuum that most customers have ever used
  • Helped curb most dust and mite allergies
  • Does not spray dust into the air unlike other mowers
  • Extremely durable. There are customers who have purchased their Rainbow vacuums 30 years ago and it still works perfectly.
  • Can be used to clean almost anything in the house with the multitude of attachment options
  • The HEPA filtration system has made it much more efficient and it traps even fireplace ash, talcum powder and sheetrock.
  • Excellent customer service

What They do Not Like

  • Too expensive as compared to other bag-less and bagged mowers
  • Bulky and difficult to move around the house
  • The Go4It referral program is not as easy as advertised

Is it Worth the Price?

If you read the negative reviews, most of them talk about the ineffectiveness of the referral program that the company promotes, rather than about the product itself. On the other hand, Rainbow Vacuum has almost 40 to 50 years of positive customer reviews.
Rainbow Vacuum is a great product that is completely worth the money. It is durable, has an excellent customer service team and is one of the best ways to clean your home and filter the air you breathe. Go for it. You will not be disappointed.

The New Rainbow Rainmate Air Freshener and Purifier

The New Rainbow Rainmate is a compact and convenient air purifier that’s perfect for the home or workplace.


Sanitizes Airrainbow rainmate

The Rainmate uses a water chamber to filter and sanitize air. It works by trapping dust, other allergens and bad smells in the water chamber. The system then scrubs the air from the intake free from these unwanted particles and contaminants, and releases the purified air back into your room.

Helps Relieve Allergies and Asthma

Dust, pollen and mold are some of the most common household allergies, along with dandruff from pets. Allergies and asthma can be greatly improved by taking steps to mitigate your level of exposure to these allergens. One way to do that is to use an air purifier like Rainmate. And because Rainmate actually uses water to filter the air, a lot of these lightweight, irritating particles that would normally go back into the room become trapped and can be discarded when you change out the water, reducing your overall exposure to them.

LED Lighting

The Rainmate features two LED lights. Not only does this enhance its appearance, it makes for a great nightlight, especially for kids who suffer from allergies—you get an air purifier and nightlight in one.

Aromatherapy and Air Freshener

You can add Rainbow’s concentrated fragrances to the Rainmate to freshen the air in your house; conversely, if aromatherapy is more your thing, add high quality essential oils instead. The added benefit of aromatherapy for allergies and asthma is some of the essential oils have properties that are soothing to the respiratory tract.

First impression of the The New Rainbow Rainmate Air Freshener and Purifier

Setting the Rainmate up was very easy, which I was appreciative of, because as a working mom with three kids and a husband, I don’t have time to fiddle with finicky products. I need something straight forward that I can put to work immediately, and that’s the experience I had with the Rainmate.

One of the most immediate affects you get is the LED light which emits a cool blue glow. I got the Rainmate for my ten-year-old son’s room, because he suffers from asthma, and I wanted to see if this would make a difference. (More on that in a moment.) He really liked the light affect. He’s not scared of the dark or anything. (Really, he isn’t.) But it’s just a cool glow for a kid to have in their room. He also was actually a fan of the humming noise it makes, surprisingly, even though my husband didn’t like the sound. (I’m neutral about it.)

As for whether it helped my son’s asthma, I think it did (and still does). Obviously, he continued to take his doctor-prescribed medication. This was meant to supplement his medical treatment and increase his comfort at night, while removing some of the allergens that may be making him sick. I have definitely noticed less complaints coming from him, which, if you have kids, you know they’ll complain if they don’t like something or feel bad.

Finally, I used it for aromatherapy for myself. I chose lavender and found it very soothing. Great scent dispersal!

The Pros

What to like about The New Rainbow Rainmate Air Freshener and Purifier:

  • Works with a standard 110-volt outlet
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Great nightlight alternative
  • Purifies and sanitizes air
  • Reduces allergens in the home
  • Improves air quality for those with asthma and allergies
  • Can function as an air freshener
  • Can be used as an aromatherapy apparatus

The Cons

What to consider:

  • Some people don’t like the hum it makes; others do. If you’re the type who doesn’t like noise machines for sleeping, it may not be your thing, but if you do like them, this isn’t really a con.
  • People with asthma and allergies should avoid the artificial scents you can buy to add to it; people with healthy lungs can be less picky about what they expose their lungs to, but those with medical issues should always consult a doctor when thinking about trying synthetically scented products, as they can sometimes worsen allergies and asthma.

Final Verdict

I would recommend the Rainmate to any family who has allergy or asthma sufferers. Obviously it won’t replace medication (nor does it claim to); however, it offers legitimate relief by cutting down on dust and the like—and makes the house smell better to boot.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Pet Edition by ZVac Review

The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Pet Edition is the newest model from ZVac, released in 2017. It offers a host of pet-centric cleaning solutions to keep your house nice and clean, despite the best efforts of your four-legged friends.

rainbow vacuum pet edition zvac


Pet Attachments

Because this is the Pet Edition of the Rainbow Vacuum cleaner, it naturally features attachments designed specifically for home with pets. The Universal Brush, Hand Turbo and Rug Turbo are all created to meet the needs of pet parents, particularly those who have dogs and cats that shed a lot.

Comprehensive Set of Non-Pet-Related Attachments

Of course, this isn’t just a vacuum for pet owners; there are other attachments that are great for the whole house. Compared to other brands, the full attachment lineup included with this vacuum is pretty impressive and features: Floor and Wall Brush, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, Inflator Tool, Power Nozzle, Electric Hose, Wands, Attachment Caddy and Coil Cleaner.

Water Canister

One of the things that sets the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner apart from others on the market is its use of a water canister to trap the dust and dirt that the vacuum sucks up from the carpet. Other brands only have bags, and small particles slip through the porous material these bags are made of, and find their way back onto the floor.

Your carpet may be clean-er, but it’s not clean. Because the water canister traps these particles, the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner can actually get your floor cleaner than a standard vacuum, because the dust and dirt it sucks up stays put inside the machine where it belongs.

Powerful Motor

The Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner from ZVac features an impressive motor that’s rated at 1.5hp for high speed and .067hp for low speed; meanwhile, the RPM ratings are 23,000 for high speed and 3,000 for low speed.

While that sounds puny if you’re used to dealing with the specs of power tools, it’s actually very strong for a vacuum cleaner. Furthermore, the motor is backed by a 10-year warranty provided by a third-party home warranty company.

Easy to Operate

Though the gaggle of attachments may seem intimidating, this vacuum is actually very easy to operate. From a practical perspective, the whole item weight is only 44.7lbs—and that’s when you include all the parts together, which, in practice, you wouldn’t do, so when in use, the vacuum is actually much lighter.

First Impression of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Pet Edition by ZVac

To be honest, I was sort of freaked out when I saw how many attachments this thing comes with. But, like the grownup I am, I knew this is what I asked for, so I referred to the manual on how to use them properly.

Essentially, the big deal with this vacuum is how much dirt and other gross stuff gets sucked up into the water canister. Your carpet really does get cleaner. I have allergies, and I honestly believe I was breathing better once all that was out of my house.

Also, the pet attachments worked great for cleaning up after my shedding Papillions.

The Pros

What to like about the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Pet Edition by ZVac:

  • 10-year warranty on the motor
  • Powerful motor for a vacuum
  • Comes with a wide variety of attachments
  • Comes with pet-specific attachments to tackle pet hair and other issues
  • The water canister ensures your carpet is cleaned more thoroughly as opposed to
  • Traditional bag-only vacuums
  • Has an LED light in the bowl
  • Great for those with allergies who have issues with dust while vacuuming—the
  • Water canister mitigates that issue almost completely
  • Rainbow vacuums have a good reputation in general and are known for their longevity

The Cons

What to consider:
When you see what’s inside the bowl for the first time, you’re likely going to be grossed out by the fact that clean water is now brown/grey and disgusting-looking after you’ve vacuumed. For those who are anxious about germs, this may be alarming at first.

However, when all that dirt, dust and mold spores are in the bowl, it means they’re no longer lingering in your home and floating into your lungs, eyes and mouth.

What’s Included

This vacuum comes with a 10-year motor warranty provided by a third-party warranty company and the additional pet attachments.

Final Verdict

Because of the comprehensive attachments, the superior cleaning power the water canister provides, and the comfort of the 10-year motor warranty, I would highly recommend the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Pet Edition to all of my friends.

Rainbow Fragrances 4 Count Assorted 1.67oz review

The assorted 4-pack of Rainbow Fragrances is a great addition to your cleaning routine when added to your Rainbow vacuum, while also making a great scent option for Rainbow’s Rainmate air sanitizer.

rainbow vacuum fragrances


-Can be used with a Rainbow Vacuum
One of the most popular uses for Rainbow Fragrances is to use them with the Rainbow Vacuum, which uses a water canister to amplify its dust-trapping and cleaning potential.

When the fragrance is used while vacuuming, it leaves a delicate, pleasant scent on the carpet. Some people find they actually like to use different scents in different rooms, which is why this four-pack assortment is so appealing.

-Can be used with Rainbow Rainmate
The Rainbow Rainmate is an air sanitizer and purifier that uses water to get the job done; it does double duty as an air freshener, and Rainbow Fragrances are designed to be perfectly compatible with Rainmate.

-Concentrated fragrances
Rainbow Fragrances are super concentrated, so all it takes to scent your Rainbow Vacuum or Rainmate is just a few drops, which means you can get dozens of uses out of each of these 1.67oz bottles.

The assortment of scents in this Rainbow Fragrances pack varies, but possible options you might get are truly lovely scents like violet, gardenia, eucalyptus, lemon, vanilla, lavender and more.

Even though these are concentrated scents, because you use such a small amount regardless of application, whether it be in the vacuum or Rainmate, the result is a light, pleasing scent that doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

Environmentally Kinder Bottle

Rainbow has designed their bottle to be “environmentally kinder” by using less resources.

While it’s impossible to be truly environmentally friendly with synthetic containers like plastic, there are always smarter and more innovative ways to create and use them which do positively impact the environment and limit further damage to it.

First Impression of Rainbow Fragrances

The random assortment I got in my four-pack of Rainbow Fragrances was violet, eucalyptus, pine and apple blossom.

As you expect, the pine was pine-y, which isn’t exactly my thing. I think of pine as more of a kitchen or bathroom scent, and I don’t vacuum those rooms—I mop them. So, I gave that one to my sister.

The apple blossom scent is very delicate and will likely be a favorite of those who like light scents. Meanwhile, the eucalyptus was definitely the strongest scent and packed the punch you’d expect from eucalyptus. I enjoyed using it in my Rainmate on the day I had a sinus infection because it made me feel less stuffy.

My favorite is, of course, the violet. I like florals—especially when they’re not overwhelming. These scents are light and do fade, but that’s part of their appeal to me. I can’t stand homes that smell like a perfume factory exploded inside them. I like the subtlety these scents provide.

The Pros

What to like about Rainbow Fragrances:

  • You get dozens of uses out of each bottle
  • Truly great and classic scents like lemon, vanilla, gardenia and many more
  • Scents are light and don’t overwhelm
  • Usable with Rainmate
  • Usable with Rainbow Vacuums
  • Great for houses with pets and/or kids
  • Environmentally kinder bottle

The Cons

What to consider:
The main con here is that because they’re assorted, you don’t necessarily get a choice of which scents you get, which can be annoying, especially to those who are sensitive to certain smells. However, sometimes it’s possible to specify which scents you want in your assorted pack, so check with vendors if this is an issue for you.

The Luxury Collection isn’t included with this assortment, though, once again, it may be possible to put in a special request. The classic assorted scents do smell great, so unless you have your heart set on scents like Orange Ginger or Lavender Juniper, it’s not too big of a problem.

What’s Included

Four bottles come in each pack. They’re assorted; which scents you get will vary.

Final Verdict

I really like the Rainbow Fragrance assortment. It’s pretty much exactly as advertised: concentrated and works well with Rainbow products while smelling great.

I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys pleasantly light scents, or who would just like to add a little flare to their home while vacuuming.